Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'Gonna get on up and fly away..'

Music Matters - John Martyn (23-3-10) from Music Matters on Vimeo.

I came across this little animation the other day on the Folk Radio UK site - an excellent read and well worth checking out. And it got me thinking about and listening again to John Martyn, a truly great guitar player who died last year and is sorely missed.

I first heard of him through Eric Clapton's cover of 'May You Never' on the 'Slowhand' album in the late 70s, but when I subsequently found John's original it was like a different world. It was one of the most enjoyable songs to play last year while I was busking, but I could only ever dream of doing it like he did:

There was an excellent BBC documentary a few years back, 'Johnny Too Bad' that chronicled his work and difficult life, which is well worth seeing if you get a chance. But my all-time favorite song of his is the amazing 'Small Hours' from the wonderful album 'One World'.


A couple of weeks ago, I met Victor and David, two young guitar players in the subway. They're playing a couple of shows in the city this weekend under the name Passport Without Nation: Saturday night at the Recoup Lounge and Sunday at the National Underground. Go along and take a look.

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