Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'I got chills, they're multiplyin'..'

The penultimate day of the project and I wanted to do something special, so I asked my beautiful stepdaughter if she'd like to come busking with me.

Surprisingly, being the possessor of the lion's share of musical talent in our family, she agreed to humor me; so I thought we should go somewhere that hopefully will figure large in her future musical career.

She and I have been singing together for years, and now that she's about to go off to the opera program here, I didn't know when we might get the chance to do something like this again.

There was also something 'full circle' about the idea of my musical journey ending as hers is about to start.

She'll be learning how to project her voice over ambient noise, but I'm guessing she won't have to compete with the sounds of real trains - unless she's in a Jonathan Miller production. The platforms at the Lincoln Center station are unbelievably noisy. In addition to the up and down 1 line, there's two express tracks that run down the middle, so timing our performances was tricky.

In any case, she certainly did her best and stayed good-natured, for which I'm grateful. We sang for about 45 minutes, with plenty of repeats, and made a dollar. Running total is now $110.24.

Today's (slightly girlier than usual) songlist:

Passionate Kisses - Lucinda Williams
The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan
Jolene - Dolly Parton
You Belong To Me - Kate Rusby
100 Miles - Catie Curtis
Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn
Good Riddance - Green Day
Look At Miss Ohio - Gillian Welch
You're The One That I Want - The Beautiful South

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