Monday, August 31, 2009

'Smells like clean spirit..'

A mall in Flemington, New Jersey might seem an odd place to smell a country music star, but I guess you can't always predict these things.

I was walking through Kohl's, the discount clothes store, when I spotted a pile of fliers and a tester bottle promoting a new men's fragrance. Nothing unusual about that, and ordinarily I don't bother any further, but then I noticed that the top of the bottle was shaped like a little guitar pick.

I had to stop and take a look.

It was "McGraw by Tim McGraw". Finally, I thought, a chance to smell like a gen-yoo-whine country music star. Apparently there are two fragrances in Tim's range - the regular "McGraw" and something called "Southern Blend" - I don't even want to guess what might make them different.

But there you are. Not my thing, but I'm sure it'll do very well. Just as well, probably, as Tim's wife's own fragrance surely will too...


I just came across this very good instructional video for a song I've been playing for a while. I've been using a standard tuning but the same chord structure, with the capo shifting the key depending on whether its me, or one of my stepdaughters, who's singing it (they have slightly different ranges); but this version with the DADGBD tuning sounds much better.


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  1. McGraw fragrance? Country music doesn't really conjure up image of flowery fragrance! But then again, there is Stetson, which is my Grandfather's favourite.