Friday, August 28, 2009

'It's been a long time comin' but now it's here..'

A couple of worthy catch-ups for the end of the week, with two really clever English songwriters I was a fan of some years ago and who have recently resurfaced.

James Maddock used to be the front man for a band called Wood, who released a great album about ten years ago called "Songs From Stamford Hill". The leadoff track, 'Stay You' was pretty much as perfect a three-minute pop song as it's possible to get.

Now, finally, he has a new album out - just as melodic, just as affecting as when he left off - called "Sunrise on Avenue C" and he's gigging again to support it, with a couple of shows coming up in Pennsylvania before heading out to California next month.

The other singer I'm glad to hear is doing ok is Adam Masterson. I used to see him play at pubs in London five or six years ago and was sure he'd break through any day. He released a terrific album called "One Tale Too Many", including a song, 'Into Nowhere Land' that's still on my most-played list on iTunes.

Very happy he's back with some new material.


Kurt Cobain will be "resurrected as a pixellated grunge throwback" in the next release of Guitar Hero, says The Guardian. The paper says that Courtney Love and Dave Grohl both endorsed the deal.

In tangentially connected reading, check out this piece from the Telegraph the other day: "Should We Always Obey A Dying Artist's Wishes?'

And, as a final thought, maybe even in death, the audience manages to get what it wants.

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