Monday, February 15, 2010

"My my my my wooo.."

On behalf of every bar band, everywhere, who ever played this - a genuine can't-miss song - thanks and RIP Doug Fieger.

According to the NME, "Sharona Alperin, the muse for 'My Sharona' and now apparently a Los Angeles real estate agent, paid tribute to Fieger, explaining: "Doug changed my life forever. He left on Valentine's Day, a day of heart and love, and that was Doug, all heart and love."

Here's an item from NYT Artsbeat which celebrates the reach of 'My Sharona' - a song apparently written in 15 minutes that lasted a lifetime - while the always entertaining PopDose has a very nice piece about the band beyond their iconic hit.

In Fieger's NYT obituary Ben Sisario recalls that "The band’s cocky behavior was interpreted as hubris by the rock press, and many critics called its lyrics misogynistic or worse. “Compared to Doug Fieger, Rod Stewart is a paragon of sexual humility,” Dave Marsh wrote in a Rolling Stone review of the band’s second album, “... But the Little Girls Understand.”

And I actually did not know until I read his obit, that he was Geoffrey Fieger's brother.

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