Friday, February 5, 2010

'It's not as though my life ain't hard enough to do..'

The New York Times today has a genuinely sad story about someone who by all accounts was a good man.

He was certainly a wonderful guitar player. My favorite album of his is "Spirit World", which opens up with a track called "YoYo" - one of those songs that you hear once and instantly wish you were able to play, let alone write.

This is another favorite:


  1. I first learned about Bruton when I was working overnight in the early 2000's and found a website that streamed live shows from The Grove in Austin. Then, later he became the guitar player for Bob Schneider's lonelyland band. Great great guitarist, great songwriter. I was fortunate enought to bump into him in front of Antone's in Austin and give him one of those akward "hey man, i'm a big fan" lines.

    Saw Crazy Heart. It was fantastic. I'll be buying it when it comes out on blu ray. Walked out of the theather and ran into Charlie Sexton and Jimmy Vaughan. Austin.... is a special place.

  2. That is a sad tale. Everything I've ever read about Stephen Bruton sure made it sound like he was an alright guy, on top of being a great songwriter/guitarist.

  3. Yes, I hope everything gets resolved without too much heartache. I haven't seen the movie yet but it looks just great. I envy both of you your Austin experiences. I've only visited once, for an event at the UT business school, and unfortunately didn't see anything of the town beyond the campus and the airport! Next time though..