Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'In History's Page, Let Every Stage..'

Happy Australia Day.

Some people can make the guitar sound like an orchestra. Some can make it sound like a gospel choir. This guy can pretty much make it sound like everything at the same time. I've only ever seen Tommy Emmanuel on video (with the advantage of being able to rewind and say "wow, did he just do that?") but the man is amazing, is driven by a pure love of music and is on tour in the US this month.

And here's my favourite Australian band - yes, I know the Finn brothers are from New Zealand, but hey, any excuse to hear a great, great song. (Update: just today it was announced that Crowded House are releasing a new album in March and touring to support it.)

Finally, and not Aussie-related at all, it's Lucinda Williams' 57th birthday today. My wife's a big fan, so this is for you...

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