Sunday, June 7, 2009

‘Keep pushin’ til it’s understood…’

I love Gawker. Nick Denton and I were colleagues at the Financial Times and I read it regularly. I’m grateful for their mention the other day, but I have to quickly clarify something before this project starts.

Nowhere on my blog does it say I was laid off. I wasn’t. I took a voluntary buyout from the FT and then I quit the job at Forbes.

If I hadn’t left Forbes when I did, I most likely would have been among the folks they let go over the next few months, but obviously I can’t know that for sure.

The job I had lined up when I left there fell through after that shop laid off a lot of people and imposed a hiring freeze.

But to clarify, I walked away of my own choice. The fact that I haven’t been able to find a job since, and have burned through my savings, is no-one’s failing but my own.

So no big deal, I just wanted to keep things straight. I hope Hamilton’s offer to crack the change is still good.

And this was by far my favourite reader comment:

"In the 80's everyone wanted to be coke dealers like in Miami Vice; in the 90's everyone wanted to be in Friends. Now everyone wants to be an insufferable twat from "This American Life".

My wife read it and just said: “aw, honey. You’re not that insufferable.”

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  1. Good show for having the stones to walk away. I walked out on my paper last February and didn't get work again until just last week, after a similar decimation of savings.

    Wish you were doing this 18 months ago, when I was still writing about music, but good luck anyway with the subway gigs.