Thursday, July 15, 2010

'One more cup of coffee..'

Last night I went to Gizzi's coffee house in the Village to hear a friend of mine, Luke Weiss, play mandolin with a couple of musician friends of his, Chris Murphy and Jay Buchanan. It was a nice vibe, very mellow.

All three are very good players and the room had a pretty crisp sound - apart from the occasional gastric-flu gurgling of the espresso machine. They played some clever original songs and there was a nice loose feel to their set. Lot of fun. They'll be at Roots Cafe in Park Slope next Friday, so check them out if you can. Here's their closer:

(as always with the embedded clips, if it looks like the video is bigger than the frame, just double click on it to break it out to its YouTube page.)


  1. awesome! thanks again for coming. We are playing again at Roots Cafe in the Slope next friday (23rd) actually.


  2. thanks for coming out, steve. glad you enjoyed it all and hope to see you next week at our show. (or next thurs at spurs/red bulls?)

  3. cheers, guys. nice work.
    chris - yep, hopefully both. all the best.