Monday, June 7, 2010

'What the people need, is a way to make them smile...'

My wife and I took advantage of the new ferry service from Brooklyn and spent a nice morning over on Governor's Island yesterday. They're gearing up for some decent concerts over the summer, including a July 4th lawn show headlined by Rosanne Cash.

I've always liked open-air summer shows - the first one I remember going to was at Dalymount Park in Dublin in 1979, which was headlined by Status Quo and - would you believe - Judas Priest, but also had Nick Lowe, Christy Moore and The Flamin' Groovies on the bill.

Last summer, we went up to Tanglewood to see James Taylor; an altogether different experience.

To top off a great morning, we stopped in at one of our local pubs on the way home, where there's a regular lunchtime traditional session.

When we were married in Ireland three years ago, we were very fortunate that music was a huge part of our experience and whenever we come across a session like this it helps to bring back some great memories, and it's great to know that there's a healthy traditional session community here in Brooklyn and all over the city.

By way of an update on the thriving local Northern Irish music scene, Aaron Shanley is gigging in California at the moment and has a great new single, 'Somebody To Take Care Of', which is available for free download here.

Also, via the blog Secret Fireworks comes a new - or at least new to me - band called Maguire and I who sound really good (and filmed here in the Botanic Gardens, where I spent many happy days long ago). Look forward to hearing more from them.

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