Wednesday, September 23, 2009

'These two lanes will take us anywhere..'

Bruce Springsteen turned 60 today.

One of few artists responsible for the enduring soundtrack to my adult life, his songs and energy and passion have been constants for me, from the time I heard 'Born To Run' when I was a sixteen-year-old kid in Ireland; to the time I first saw him on TV eighteen months later; to the first time I saw him play live in 1981; all the way up to next week, when I'll see him twice at Giants Stadium.

It's been a great ride, Bruce. Thanks for everything.


Congratulations also to Lucinda Williams, one of my wife's favorite songwriters, who married her manager onstage at her show in Minneapolis the other day at the start of her 30th anniversary tour.


If you haven't seen this very cool video of the 'Birds on a wire' yet, check it out. According to a post by the composer, Jarbas Agnelli, the shot isn't photoshopped.


Finally, here's a really great and timely video by Paul Hipp. If Tom Lehrer and Joey Ramone wrote a song together, it might sound something like this...

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